Front-end billing with follow-up

Novus staff:
We employ a specially trained staff and Novus’ proprietary software to handle your Medi-Cal and Medi-Cal Managed Care billing from the moment a new bill drops to the resolution of each claim.
  • Our billers are adept at auditing and breaking out every legitimate, payable charge according to Medi-Cal regulations. Many hospitals could be getting a higher level of reimbursement from Medi-Cal by breaking out separately-payable charges on the claim that they submit, such as room charges, injections and IV’s. Even most “claims-scrubbing” software out there will bundle charges like these under a single drug and supply procedure code in many instances. This is why we have always made it our policy to request detailed Itemized Statements before our billing team can adequately prepare claims for submission.
  • Full Spectrum Billing includes all necessary follow-up, from start to finish. Our follow-up specialists review each week’s Denials Report and can quickly identify the charges which should be either rebilled, CIF’d, Appealed or adjusted.
  • This service provides an efficient and cost effective option over hiring and training a full time Medi-Cal biller. Outsourcing to Novus often pays for itself by reducing your Medi-Cal provision expense and overhead.
Novus software:
In today’s market, no other billing software can accommodate the constantly evolving Medi-Cal program as effectively as the Novus designed billing system.
Our custom software includes:
  • Monthly updates with the latest changes published in the Medi-Cal bulletin.
  • Direct feedback from our billing staff when making software improvements. The coupled expertise of our billing and IT staff ensures that billing efficiency stays at optimal levels so a high percentage of your claims get paid on first submission. 

Choosing Novus Full Spectrum Billing is like adding a Medi-Cal expert to your staff. Request a comparative billing cost analysis and find out how Novus can enhance your operations.