Rads Selection ToolWhether it’s providing backup documentation for an audit or processing CIFs, Appeals or secondary billing such as Crossovers, the need for hardcopy Remittance Advice pages comes up quite frequently. The only problem is that it can be tedious and time-consuming to locate the exact RA page you need, especially if your RAs are stored in binders. As many employees can attest, it is very frustrating to discover that the binder you need has either been misplaced or the pages inside are either out of order or have become so damaged from being repeatedly removed, unstapled and/or photocopied that the are now illegible and practically worthless.

Our BillPro Data Processing Service was developed internally to provide our own staff with easy-access Medi-Cal and Medicare RAs. Here is how it works:

  • Retrieve: We automatically retrieve your electronic Remittance Advice files (whether ARDS or ANSI 835 format) and upload the data into our system. Medi-Cal ARDS files are picked up and processed as soon as they become available (typically every Monday morning), so there is never any waiting to access your information.
  • Lookup: Users can access their electronic Remittance Advice information by logging into our web-based system via Internet Explorer and perform lookups according to a variety of different fields (Account Number, HIC/ID#, Amount, Service Date, RA Date, RAD code, CCN or a combination of multiple fields).
  • Print: Perform as many lookups and tag as many records as you want. After you are finished, just click the ‘View’ button at the bottom of the screen and wait a few seconds while our program produces a PDF file containing the RAs you selected – and in the same order in which you selected them.*
  • Viewable Format: Our system arranges the data in the same format as the hardcopy RA that is mailed to the hospital by the FI. Also, the Medicare RAs our system generates is in the “National Standard” format, which is the required format when submitting Crossover claims to Medi-Cal.


Other ‘RA viewing’ products exist on the market such as PC Print and MREP. However, we’ve found none that are as easy to use as the applications & process we’ve developed for this purpose.