batch RetrievalWe have created our own interface that allows the user to check the eligibility status of any patient without having to connect to the EDS website. By using our online software instead of EDS’s, many extra steps in the eligibility-retrieval process are eliminated. Here are the two related features we have available:

  • Interactive Manual Retrieval – Whether it is one or a few eligibilities you need to check, this feature is great because it provides the user with instant feedback for each record while keying in the next one. In other words, no navigating back-&-forth between eligibility checks. By keying data into only a few fields, our system will automatically go out to the EDS website, retrieve the necessary eligibility information and return it to the Listing screen below your work area – all of this automated activity occurring behind the scenes. By clicking the ‘View’ button, an Adobe PDF file is generated, containing eligibility printouts on all of the records you just keyed in (and…in the order in which they were keyed).
  • Batch Retrieval – This feature is very handy if you have an Excel or Text file containing hundreds or even thousands of records which require a Medi-Cal eligibility status. Essentially this is similar to how the ANSI 270/271 files work, but much easier. Just make sure the format of the Excel or Text file contains three basic columns of information (Medi-Cal ID#, Birth Date and Service Date). Click the ‘Upload’ button import the data into our system, wait a few minutes for the results to come back and then click the ‘View’ button to generate an Adobe PDF containing eligibility printouts for all the records you just sent up (and…in the same order as they appeared in the file). We initially developed a program that could generate an ANSI 270 file and also process an ANSI 271 file. But once again, too many steps and unnecessary complications. So we developed our own interactive process that automatically connects and retrieves data from the EDS website.