Medi-Cal expertise is hard to find, so continued education is a necessity. Novus can custom design Medi-Cal workshops or seminars for your personnel. Each one-on-one or interactive group training session is uniquely focused on your areas of need. We can provide instructional materials, which include examples and recommended solutions. Novus workshops cover all departments related to the billing and follow-up process: Utilization Review, Admitting, Billing, offsite clinics, etc. A Novus workshop is a valuable tool that will improve staff performance and pay dividends well into the future.

Account Analysis

Another service we offer is an Account Review Project. This involves the careful review of a small batch of hand-selected Medi-Cal accounts to verify if the highest quality of billing and follow-up is/was being done. The way this typically works is that the hospital would forward a recent set of RAs to us, along with an ATB. From these documents our experienced staff would have enough information to select 20 or 30 specific accounts that we feel may have some potential issues. Working from this narrow list of accounts, hospital staff would make copies of all the supporting documentation (eg: previously-billed claims, appeals, CIFs, itemized charges, follow-up notes, transaction-detail and corresponding RAs), and forward everything to Novus for further review. Our staff would scrutinize all of the documentation to see if all steps were taken to secure maximum reimbursement. Once the ‘review & notation’ portion of the project is complete, Novus management would then prepare a detailed written analysis on the history of each account, including an ‘Action Required’ section (what we would do in these instances), and deliver the entire project to hospital management.