All-Payer Remits

By leveraging the knowledge of our experienced billing & audit team with our highly-skilled programming team, we’ve been able to develop our own specialized proprietary software that enables our staff to complete their work in the most efficient manner possible. Our web-based software provides us with an advantage over most others because it has proven to be far easier to navigate and use than any other application we’ve come across.

In our particular line of work we must remotely connect to a variety of different host systems, billing programs and other application tools in order to accumulate the information and documentation necessary to perform our tasks. During this process we must constantly adapt to the various obstacles we come across while using these other programs.

Our software is also extremely scalable, and can often be made to function in accordance with another application. In fact, some of the programs we’ve created will connect to a hospital’s host system to retrieve the necessary data and bring it back to our side so that it can be formatted into documents that are far easier to read and understand than what is available.

We are constantly developing new tools and improving existing ones. Below are just a few of the data processing services and tools we have made available.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice Data Services: (perform advanced searches and custom spreadsheets from a single database containing multiple months/years of electronic RA data).
  • Custom File Creation: (we can create a special “posting” file from your electronic RA files, and in any format: Excel, TXT, PDF, CSV, TIFF)
  • Medi-Cal Eligibility Retrieval: (manual and batch options)