Back-end follow-up of aged receivables.

California healthcare providers face daily challenges in following up on aged Medi-Cal receivables while simultaneously staying current with new billing. They can avoid the challenges of collection and the risk of unnecessarily writing off potentially-collectible receivables by employing Novus to assume the follow-up process once an account reaches a certain age (90 days, 120 days, etc.).
  • On-going management of your aged Medi-Cal receivables is a no-risk service because our fees are based solely on our successful net collections.
  • Our ability to navigate the intricacies of the Medi-Cal program means that many of your denials will get converted into payments when you use Novus to perform follow-up on your aged accounts.
  • After our initial review process, we will prepare a written consultation explaining problem areas and corrective actions that can be taken to increase cash flow.
As accounts approach the filing statute with no recent activity, the risk of lost potential revenue increases. Once the accounts go past the filing statute, there is a 6-month window of opportunity (from the last RA date) to process and submit a CIF or Appeal. Some accounts have balances so large, it would take only a few saves to justify the expense of our services for an entire year or more. If an account is still open after 180 days, there is good chance that complications exist which require skilled handling. Assigning accounts to Novus after a certain age effectively allows us to serve as a “safety-net.” It also enables hospital staff to focus their efforts on processing newer claims so that a back-log does not occur. Due to the dynamic and complex nature of the Medi-Cal program, the need for specialized assistance may arise. Novus Health Systems has a firm understanding of Medi-Cal and delivers the kind of successful results that ensure client satisfaction.