Director of Operations and Software Development

Having worked in numerous facets of the healthcare receivables industry since the early 80s, Mr. Beck has been thoroughly exposed to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the business for many years. In the 90s, Perry directed and shaped the policies and procedures of a highly regarded Medi-Cal receivables company in Southern California; first as Director of Operations, and later as Chief Executive Officer. In founding Novus Health Systems, Mr. Beck now has an ideal platform to showcase his proven ability for supplying innovative strategies within the framework of a company that strives to be on the cutting edge of the latest technological advancement. Perry works diligently to bridge the gap between operational demands and I.T. solutions to meet each client’s unique set of needs. Mr. Beck thoroughly enjoys the many challenges and successes he encounters while creating more efficient billing and collection processes for healthcare providers..


Director of Business Services

Throughout her career, Mary White has been involved with nearly every aspect of the healthcare receivables industry. For many years she managed the billing staff at a well-known Medi-Cal receivables company in Southern California. Ms. White has comprehensive knowledge on a broad spectrum of insurance programs, including commercial insurance, Medicare, Medi-Cal and other programs. As many current and former colleagues will attest, Mary is known as a Medi-Cal expert since she has uniquely strong capabilities in handling the intricacies of the Medi-Cal program. On several occasions, Ms. White has alerted EDS to procedural discrepancies in their own program manual. Her invaluable contributions into systems development and the day-to-day handling of client concerns and requests are a key factor in the quality of services that Novus Health Systems provides.


Vice President of Business Solutions

Beginning with his arrival in California from the East Coast, Terry McQuaid has built a career in Healthcare Information Technology and Revenue Cycle services spanning over twenty-five years. Mr. McQuaid’s emphasis has focused on addressing the challenges of the Revenue Cycle for both large and small Providers, including University and Enterprise Healthcare Delivery Systems. His diverse experience in Healthcare has involved representing Foundation Patient Accounting and Clinical Systems as well as EDI pre-care and post-care services to Providers. He has also been involved with Payer relationship development and contracting for trading partner services. This was a unique part of his role while representing Provider client needs during the initial HIPAA compliance rollout. Terry recently received accreditation for completing the ARRA Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) program at Orange Coast College.

Novus Health Systems offers an array of services to address the specific needs of each client facility. Whether you require effective Medi-Cal / Medicaid solutions focused on billing tools and services, follow-up of aged Medi-Cal receivables, custom training, or Payer eligibility services, we have the knowledge and resources to provide solutions that reduce bad debt, improve cash flow and increase your bottom line.